In classical Indian poetry and dance texts, references of the LOTUS are made in relation with the EYES of divine persona. This ancient and symbolic pairing represents beauty, majesty, grace, knowledge, serenity, perseverance and growth.

Rooted in the belief that fashion, visual arts, music and dance are all inextricably connected, Lotus Eye Productions DESIGNS, DEVELOPS and PRODUCES a distinctive clothing collection for a diverse market.

“Innovative, contemporary and fresh” is how the line has been described. Incorporating Western haute couture trends, the LE collection still respects the timeless textile and embroidery tradtions of India. Collections have a Indo-glam feel without being cliche. Elegance and luxury are paramount with only PURE fabrics making it into the collections.

LE also produces unique arts projects and performances that are consistent with our goals:

  • To increase the publics understanding of the different traditions of fashion, as well as art, music and dance from a global perspective.
  • To showcase talented South Asian models, MUA’s, hairstylists and other artists and provide further opportunities for exposure and integration into the local and international fashion scene.
  • To bring together and support innovative companies (both mainstream and South-Asian) that have conscious, creative and revolutionary business models.